TAG WOODWORKING DESIGN: A selection of our bowls come a long ways away both in time and space. Troy Gordon, the craftsman behind the design is a high school friend of our chef. He single handedly works with recycled wood molding unique designs with each creation. One piece may take anywhere from 4-8 hours so you can be sure that whatever you decide to purchase will be exclusive. Troy has been an essential asset in the building of our little shop and we are not only fans of his work, but infinitely grateful for all of his help. Check out his stuff in store or online here.

SÄLBERGMACHT ZERMATT: In honor of our roots, we gladly work with Michelle and Doris, the original founders of Homemade Cafe. They are two talented, hard-working ladies with huge hearts. Having hired and trained both Nora & Michèle their store somehow brought Nora & Jean-Marc together and their "homemade" baby. When Michelle and Doris chose to move in a different direction they decided to leave Jean-Marc with their legacy. We hope we can make them proud and are happy to sell their headbands, lip balms, lotions and seasonal products in our store. Check out their web details here


DISTILLERIE SAINT-GERVAIS MONTBLANC: A Scotsman in France decided to make a living off spirits, Gin first and Whiskey on the way, James Abbott built his distillery, the highest in Europe. He collects most of the botanicals in our neighbor alps and takes hours on end making sure to deliver the best product around. Most importantly, not only does he use biodegradable packaging, more specifically the best for our environment, but he also recycles the bottles himself. Not to mention that his gin is far beyond any other we have ever tasted. A mountain man himself, we are happy to receive his gift from one mountain to another. Check his online profile out here

HOCHSTRASSE KAFFEEOur coffee is sourced from fair trade farms worldwide and roasted by experts in Luzern, after visiting the roasters and speaking with the experts behind the elaborate process from plant to coffee cup we were convinced that Hochstrasse would be our product of choice. Come in, have a taste and maybe even pick up a bag from our shop to share with your friends.